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5 reasons you shouldn't miss WorkPride 2022 hosted by myGwork

Event: WorkPride 2022

Period: June 20-24, 2022

Language: English

Host: myGwork

Area: Career Fair, Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality

5️⃣ reasons why you shouldn’t miss the upcoming #workpride2022, a global 5-day virtual conference hosted by myGwork - LGBTQ+ professionals & allies during June 20-24, 2022!

👉 1. #Exchange and learn from 360 global business experts in DE&I under 70 activities in 5 days. I’ll also be hosting 5 panels with different topics !

👉 2. #Expand your professional connection with 20,000 LGBTQI+ and allies across the globe i.e. founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, professionals, influencers, artists etc.

👉 3. #Exercise “individual & social advocacy together” with like-minded community under the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion esp. in the workplace for people.

👉 4. #Express yourself in the “visible, safe and happy” professional environment where no prejudice is allowed. You will feel like hanging out with peers. ❤️

👉 5. #Experience the meaningful #Pridemonth2022 like never before !

📚 Free ! Certificate of attendance 🆒

Let’s hang out together?

Make a better inclusive workplace & society?

Be the impact !

Register at

About myGwork

Founded in 2014, it is a global recruitment and networking hub for LGBTQI+ professionals, graduates, allies, and organisations to promote DE&I in the workplace and beyond. It was created by twin brothers Adrien Gaubert (He/Him) and Pierre Gaubert. myGwork is a Limited Company registered in the United Kingdom. There are 300+ partnered employers and 500,000+ users in the platform.

Learn more at

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