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Are you ready for the real world of work?

Event: Workshop "Get ready for the real world of work!"

Period: June 8, 2022

Language: Thai

Partner: Mattayom Wat Thatthong School

Area: Career, DEI, Gender Equality

Situation: Despite surging economic downturn for a decade and the negative impact of the global pandemic, fresh graduates in Thailand has been facing historic unemployment and uncertain job prospects. From the Great Resignation -that forces the companies to attract and retain the best talents - to the Great Layoff that forces the companies to lean the cost structure and cut off people for surviving after the pandemic. Bewise Academy looks for the insight and trend in the job market as well as the guideline for their students to prepare to be competitive in the uncertain era.

Solution: Transtalents Consulting Group provided “Career hack as a talent” workshop to share the knowledge, experience and insight in the talent war. Here are some content highlight we provided during the workshop

  1. Know yourself - Goal setting, Self-SWOT, MBTI exercise

  2. Know the others - connect with unknown folks to share idea, resource and moral support

  3. Know the job trend - Industry insight, VUCA world, sustainability and DE&I trend

  4. know the organization you are interested in working with - Corporate purpose, mission and value, job description analysis and how to craft impactful CV

Impact: The feedback from 20 participants were positive with interaction and constructive question on know-how and know-who. Some said the self-SWOT is great to reflect their idea and help reshape their future plan as well as help unlock their mind to adapt in this competitive talents war.

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