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Champions of Social Responsibility with the US Deputy Chief of Mission - Gwendolyn Cardno

Event: AMCHAM X YSEALI Networking Event “A Reception for Champions of Social Responsibility”

Period: November 29, 2022

Language: English

Host: US Embassy Bangkok

Area: Social Responsibility, Economic Empowerment, Sustainability, ESG

Recently, I attended the AMCHAM X YSEALI Networking Event “A Reception for Champions of Social Responsibility” hosted by US Deputy Chief of Mission - Gwendolyn Cardno. The event was filled up with business leaders from different sectors and YSEALI alumni who came connect, exchange and learn on how or what social responsibility purpose and projects they have done.

Social responsibility is a responsibility of individuals and/or social entities such as organizations or companies to act in such a way to benefit their environments and society as a whole.

Leading Thai businesses are currently moving forward to sustainability concept through Environmental Social and Governance as a core strategy to all business units to grow sustainably, profitably and purposefully.

"As my focus is on gender equality with LGBTQ economic empowerment, I have connected with some inspiring leaders and exchanged about their DE&I issues. However, some of them were not seeing nor aware that LGBTQ+ job discrimination, denied promotion and leadership opportunities still exist nationwide. Some even said "we don't want to highlight LGBTQ+ workforce as a way to give privilege than the others"

Again, the privilege can't apply to the LGBTQ+ or marginalized people as "we" still don't have the equal rights, access to the resources and opportunities and respect like other genders have otherwise we would see, for example, more LGBTQ+ leaders especially transgender in high level in different sectors such as politics, business, etc.

Again, gender equality doesn't mean only between men and women.

Again, having one or two LGBTQ+ workers doesn't mean you are diverse.

Again, having bathroom for all genders doesn't mean you are a safe, equal and non discriminatory workplace.

Again, having preferred pronoun policy for LGBTQ+ workers doesn't mean you are inclusive if there is no allyship

That's why I founded Transtalents consulting group that envisions to transform the future of inclusive workplace with LGBTQ+ economic empowerment to drive for a better socio-economic change. We offer strategic DE&I and LGBTQ+ empowerment consultation, innovative training and workshop, impact-focused collaboration as well as transgender professional leadership advocacy to help the businesses doing right and better on sustainable workforce development so the business will grow profitably and purposefully.

To be a true champion of social responsibility, have you been aware of or solved those issues yet? It's a right time to reflect if you are a champion of social responsibility by words or action.

Learn more at

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