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DE&I Training “Be Your Authentic Self”

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Project: DE&I Workshop “Be Your Authentic Self”

Period: July 1, 2022

Language: Thai

Client: ZIM (Thailand)

Area: DE&I training, Workshop

Situation: ZIM Thailand encourages everyone to celebrate and learn about PRIDE under this year theme “Be Your Authentic Self”. The organization looked for a session to emphasize how important diversity and inclusion is and how to make a workplace experience better.

Solution: Transtalents Consulting Group provided “Be Your Authentic Self” workshop for their employees starting from “Listen to yourself” with breathing exercise to clear what is in mind and energy for session. Followed by “Listen to the others” with wondering exercise” to collectively explore each creativity and be more empathetic to one and another regardless of gender, age, race, religion and background or even opposite views. Lastly, “Listen to the community” with localized guideline on how the organization can strengthen diverse-identity relationship to increase productivity, innovation and wealth.

Impact: The feedback from 30+ participants from junior, middle to senior and top management position were positive with interactive activity drawing high engagement and positive environment. The management also shared openly their vision and commitment to build more inclusive culture from the lesson learnt from workshop.

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