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DE&I Training “Everyday Inclusion”

Project: Training “Everyday Inclusion”

Period: August - November, 2022

Language: Thai

Client: FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Area: DE&I training, Workshop

Situation: As the global dynamic is changing rapidly especially on socio-economic justice, diversity, equity and inclusion becomes business imperative. The business stakeholder including employees, consumers, customers, associates and communities has shifted and influenced the business growth as well as leading role in making a better impact for inclusive society. Businesses are pushing hard to develop sustainable organization by sustainable workforce where DE&I strategy is the foundation.

Solution: Transtalents Consulting Group provided “Everyday Inclusion” training for their employees to interactively learn the definition and significance of DE&I that is aligned with the corporate vision and mission to create a safe space for everyone regardless of age, race, gender or background. The training went deep on how to manage our unconscious bias that influences to micro-aggression or affirmation in the workplace that reflects the organizational health. The participants were provided the up-to-date news and local case studies from women/LGBTQ+/disabled/ethnic groups and were assigned into group discussion to help find out the solution on what inclusive organization they can be part of making it success.

Impact: The feedback from 50+ participants from middle to top management position were positive with interaction and constructive comments either from their personal stories and some useful tactics to help build their organizational inclusive culture with DE&I practices they have learned from the session.

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