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DE&I Training “Safe Zone for all”

Project: DE&I Training “Safe Zone for all”

Period: June 26, 2021

Language: English

Client: Karlshochschule Academy

Area: DE&I training, Workshop

Situation: The M.O.V.E project was carried out by AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V. and InterCultur, in cooperation with several partner organizations. In 2021, the project was managed by Karlshochschule Academy with the theme “Embracing diversity and tackling inequalities”. Fridays for Future, Black Lives Matter, the growing inclusive movement, young people around the globe are taking responsibility to create more inclusive and justice societies. The three-week program offers a mix of lectures, workshops, individual assignments, and social events for international youth to learn about how to tackle social inequalities and how to become active global citizens.

Solution: Transtalents Consulting Group provided “Safe zone for all” workshop for the international students from Karls Academy in Germany. The Safe zone workshop is a learning environment, a space where you can take risks, be vulnerable, and learn/ a space where you can share your “Cheers, Fears, and Unclears” to create safer and accepting spaces for all — all in the face of stigmatizing social pressures i.e. genders, races, ages, color of skin. The hope is that later we can create a similar environment for others in their life.

Impact: 30+ international students were actively interacted, shared their personal stories and well-connected each other during the workshop. The year later, a student from the workshop also asked me to help consult on their lgbtq+ marketing platform initiative as part of school project.

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