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8 ways to Make International Women's Day "Equitably Count": Going Above and Beyond...

Photo credit: Gender Fair 2022 by Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand (MSDHS)

and WeEmpowerAsia by UN Women

As I read today's business and professional women's posts on LinkedIn in celebration of International Women's Day 2023 with #embraceequity, I began to question how "equitably" the corporate world has treated its female employees.

Making equitable access to women entails removing any systemic barriers or biases that may prevent women from accessing opportunities or resources. Here are 8 ideas for granting women equitable access:

1. Define what woman means: How the companies define "women"? This is the most frequent question I ask to the companies I give DE&I consulting service. Most of them define women based on biological feature while ignoring transwomen who also define themselves as a women. Women refers to all people who identify as female, regardless of their sex assigned at birth or any medical procedures they have undergone. Trans women are women who identify as women and live as women. It is critical to recognize and respect all individuals' gender identities, including trans women, and to work toward creating a workplace that is inclusive and supportive of all women. Let's start from this!

2. Address Gender Bias: Take proactive steps to address gender bias in the workplace, such as training managers on unconscious bias and ensuring fair and unbiased recruitment and promotion processes.

3. Provide Flexible Work Arrangements: To assist women in balancing their work and personal responsibilities, offer flexible work arrangements such as part-time work or telecommuting or any solution when appropriate.

4. Provide Mentoring and Development Opportunities: Provide mentoring and development opportunities to assist women in developing skills, confidence, and networks that will help them advance in their careers.

5. Make Workplaces Safe and Inclusive: Ensure that the workplace is safe and inclusive, free of harassment and discrimination. Women who face gender-based discrimination or harassment should be given resources and support.

6. Pay Equity: Ensure that women are fairly and equitably compensated for their work, with equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.

7. Promote Women in Leadership: Promote women to positions of leadership and decision-making to ensure that women have a voice in shaping the organization's direction.

8. Offer benefits and policies that promote work-life balance, such as paid parental leave, flexible schedules, and on-site child care.

You can help ensure that women have equitable access to opportunities and resources in your workplace by implementing these measures. Remember, you can go above and beyond on how to truly embrace International Women's Day "Equitably Count".

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