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Project: AYAN THAILAND HUMAN LIBRARY in conjunction with ASEAN Youth Week 2022

Period: August 6-13, 2022

Language: Thai

Host: ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) Thailand

Area: Democratic Engagement, Global Citizenship Education, Climate Alliance, Community Building and Well-being

Situation: In conjunction with ASEAN Youth Week 2022, ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) global joined hands with 11 offices including AYAN Thailand chapter to drive awareness of how youth is important to drive a better change in the future. Each office would come up on their own activities with the same purpose of leading change.

Solution: ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) Thailand led by Nikki Phinyapincha with youth leader members initiated "Human Library" project. It is a simulation of a classical library in which the readers can come, borrow and interactively learn from a book made of real human experience. It was a one-week online-based activity aiming to create an interactive learning experience from in-depth experience-sharing of volunteers with determined contents (hereinafter, we refer to volunteers as "Books"). The library aimed to give readers a first-hand, direct experience on subjects of their interest whereby our AYAN Thailand team acts as a "librarian" in providing online interactive books and matching books to the readers. This activity will cover four main content pillars

  • Democratic Engagement

  • Global Citizenship Education

  • Climate Alliance

  • Community Building and Well-being

And use “storytelling’ method rather than traditional lecture that is not effective to the target audience.

Impact: 150+ Participants who joined the session become more aware of the above global issues and the survey result showed that they have a better understanding of 8 untold stories/experiences. 8 days of activities reached more than 10K views in Facebook.

Learn more at

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