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Inclusion of trans people in the national development plan

Project: Workshop “Inclusion of trans people in the national development plan”

Period: October 28-29, 2021

Language: English & Thai

Client: GATE

Area: Public policy, Interpreter, Trans inclusion, healthcare, HIV, workshop

Situation: GATE, in collaboration with amfAR, has developed an online open-access training designed to help trans and gender diverse activists to address their exclusion from HIV National Strategic Plans (NSPs). In order to address this gap, GATE and amfAR, with funding from EJAF have developed two guides: Best Practice Guideline for Governments and Best Practice Guideline for Trans Activists.

Solution: Transtalents Consulting Group provided and English-Thai interpreter service as well as helped facilitated the workshop session to make sure the right and clear message of concept, each module and interactive feedback from both parties were well-communicated.

Impact: 20 Thai trans activists and 5 speakers were communicated through my simultaneous interpretation service. There are some 9 steps to remarkably take note as a recommended guideline to implement;

Step 1: Mapping and identifying trans-led organizations and networks

Step 2: Establish dialogues with trans activists to understand their needs and priorities 13 (“Nothing about us without us!”)

Step 3: Create opportunities for strategic engagement in decision-making structures (having a seat at the table)

Step 4: Generate evidence for advocacy and programming

Step 5: Inclusion of transgender people in the national framework

Step 6: Capacity building of government officials in their different roles to work with

and for trans people

Step 7: Advocacy with Donors for Resource Allocation

Step 8: Budgeting for meaningful engagement

Step 9: Communication and provision of information

The session also ended with the powerful statement from GATE that inspired TransTalents purpose – “Don’t wait to get invited to engage the movement but make a movement to engage people”

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