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Rainbow Human Library

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Project: RHuLib: Rainbow Human Library

Period: June 18-19, 2022

Language: Thai

Host: Genders Matter Media Agency

Area: Gender Equality

Situation: In conjunction with Pride Month 2022, Genders Matter Media Agency aimed at creating a safe space for gender education where public can access and connect with each other for better understanding on different perspectives and advocate for diversity. This can help break the gender bias that has deep root in the Thai society causing the defective quality of LGBTQ lives.

Solution: TransTalents Consulting Group founder - Nikki Phinyapincha - was invited to be one of the eight human books to share her untold story and advocacy on transgender professional leadership that challenges the stereotype of what society has upon this marginalized group.

Impact: 8 books 20 readers joined the activity that "open door" for each other. It is highly recommended to organize regularly in the organization for people to learn deeper and better Some commented showed that gender conversation should be comfortable in any organization where it should be a safe space to be themselves. Or when talking about diversity, equity and inclusion, the organization must have measurable KPI on the impact they are making.

Photo credit @Genders Matter

Learn more at Genders Matter

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