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Inclusive Social Enterprise Incubation Program

Project: "Inclusive Social Enterprise" Incubation Program

Period: Dec 2021

Language: Thai

Client: Genders Matter Media Agency and Change Fusion Institute

Area: LGBTQ+ Marketing and Communication, Inclusive business, entrepreneur, DE&I

Situation: LGBTQ+ inclusive marketing has been a new opportunity for Thai businesses while a challenge on how to make it right in order not to falling into a rainbow-washing trap causing negative brand reputation. Change Fusion Institute hosted a social enterprise incubation program bringing 10 Thai social enterprises who seek for building sustainable impact innovations to rebalance their business impact with the society and economy by their potential LGBTQ+ consumer target.

Solution: Transtalents Consulting Group collaborated with Genders Matter Media Agency to conduct customized consultation and innovative workshop helping 10 Thai social enterprises to learn LGBTQ+ consumer trends and insights, reflect their thoughts and experience with this segment as well as develop knowledge and innovative idea that turn into impact-focused business strategy. For example, LGBTQ+ inclusive tourism experience with community-based tourism, ethical gift made by marginalized workforce, vegetable package that tells the story of LGBTQ+ farmers’ story.

Impact: Apart from how to strategically penetrate the LGBTQ+ segment that potentially bring positive profit, the 10 businesses has also learned how to purposefully and responsibly treat their workforce and the community they are serving in different forms; such as DE&I strategy with LGBTQ-inclusive workforce policy, impact-focused marketing campaign with measurable matrix and corporate and community responsibility initiatives.

The social enterprises are

  1. Local Alike

  2. Find Folk

  3. Bananaland

  4. Dao Ethical Gifts

  5. Greenery

  6. YoungHappy (

  7. H lab (

  8. Kid Kid -

  9. Norn norn

  10. Creative move

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