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Thailand first Gender Fair 2022. Are we inclusive enough?

Updated: Feb 13

Project: Gender Fair 2022

Period: April 8, 2022

Language: English/Thai

Host: Ministry of Social Development And Human Security, Thailand , UN Women

Area: DE&I, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Inclusive workplace, Gender Equality

Has your business ever done this below health check before promoting that you have done well on DE&I strategy?

What are they?…

📌 Equal recruitment

📌 Equal pay/welfare/treatment

📌 Equal opportunity to training and career-building

Enough? Nope…What’s more?

📌 Equal representation on leadership teams, corporate boards, etc.

📌 Equality mindset by leaders and colleagues who are the key allies

During the panel discussion, public and leading private sectors realized that DE&I is a long-term strategy and a business driver not an option. Proportion on high level management seats should be allocated for more diverse talent leaders too not only men and women.


📌 diversity is measured by #number not #promotion

📌 inclusion is measured by #impact not #image

📌 equity is measured by #access to resources that uplock and uplift these potential talents

So, have you done health check?


Data helps us to see the specific issues. Work on data not just perception.

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