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What are the essential skills for being an inclusive business leader ?

Project: Trans leadership - The Future of Inclusive Business campaign

Period: Nov 2022 - Mar 2023

Language: English

Partner: Sasin School of Management

Area: Inclusive business, Leadership, Entrepreneur

A 2019 report from the United Nations covered the largest ever study of LGBTQ people here in Thailand. Describing current Thai attitudes toward this group, the report was called “tolerant, but not inclusive.” The report concluded that even today, although Thai society might be increasingly tolerant of LGBTQ people, they’re not often welcome close to home-.

–or work, in this case.

Nowhere has this been truer than for transgender people, who face legal, socio-economic barriers toward work. Many barriers are more complex and trans people continue to face systemic restriction from work, promotion, and leadership opportunities.

- 77% of Thai Transgenders face rejection on job application more than LGB due to their transness while 60% face discrimination and harassment at work compared to lesbian 29% and gay 19% (World Bank Survey 2018)

- 3x of Thai Transgenders face more obstacles in unemployment in all job sectors than cisgender (APTN & UNDP 2020)

- 5.1% lower representation of trans vs cisgenders in the US corporates (Mckinsey 2020). No Thai data yet.

Trans representation is needed at the decision-making table to drive systemic change and consequently help businesses grow profitably and purposefully.

Hence, TransTalents Consulting Group joined hands with Sasin School of Management to initiate this first-time-ever campaign to highlight the voices of trans professionals/leaders in the Thai business sector that reflects their experiences and needs on how business can be more better inclusive. It also aimed to create a networking platform for trans professionals and business leaders to meet, learn, exchange perspectives for a better understanding and connect for future collaboration for the most marginalized workforce.

Let's hear from 16 Thai trans professional leaders "What are the essential skills for being an inclusive business leader?

- Vision of leading change

- Understanding the intersectionality issues esp. people

- Creating safe space for everyone

- Empowering individual and collective growth

Panelists (left to right)

  • Khun Nikki Phinyapincha

  • Founder of TransTalents Consulting Group and PR director of Asialife Media Thailand

  • Nikki is a Strategic Communication Consultant, Speaker, and Moderator in the communication business and LGBTQ diversity & inclusion topics.

  • Khun Jessy Dangboonrueng

  • Head of Business development and strategic partnership of Ninja Van Logistics

  • Jessy is a strategic thinker with a knack for design and creativity and a passion for developing new businesses and start-ups.

  • Khun Mukk Dokput

  • Head of Customer service in one of the largest telecommunication company in Thailand

  • Mukk specializes in customer success and customer service with a proven background in digital platforms or sales and support management.

  • Khun Koko Tiamsai

  • DE&I Internal Communications Manager of Foodpanda

  • Koko is a gender scholar and communication professional with extensive experience in Corporate Communication, Political Communication, Gender & Media, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Social Development.

Moderator (second from right)

  • Dr. Drew Mallory

  • Sasin’s Inclusion Ambassador and core faculty member.

  • He was trained at Oxford and Purdue universities and is a PhD organizational psychologist, transformational executive coach, and professor of organizational behavior. He also has a background in social work and evidence-based social policy. Dr. Drew specializes in creating climates that promote thriving and does research in areas like diversity, Autism, and well-being.

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